PEHT Go365 Member – Biometric Screening Home Test Kit

PEHT Go365 Member – Biometric Screening Home Test Kit



If you’re enrolled in a PEHT medical plan you have Go365 and are eligible for a biometric screening at no cost to you, plus you will earn Go365 points for completing your screening. This program is for employees on the PEHT medical plan only.

When you order the kit, you will pay upfront, but will be reimbursed by the Public Education Health Trust once your results are received and processed by Health and Wellness Professionals and their partnered lab, CoreMedica.

When ordering for your spouse, do not use your contact information. Please provide your spouses full information in checkout (shipping/billing section).

Format must be XX/XX/XXXX (i.e 03/09/1992)

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Completing the biometric screening can earn you up to 4000 Go365 points:

These points will help you make great strides towards Silver Status and in helping your district meet the requirements of 50% of members at Bronze and 10% at silver for the wellness discount of 2% off medical premiums.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to as your local Go365 Champ, or reach out to the trust directly at 888.685.7526.

Please Note: If you are not able to provide self-reported measurements on the consent form (height, weight, waist, and blood pressure) you will not be eligible for the Go365 Points for completing a biometric screening, however you will receive Go365 Points that are applicable based on your results. You can submit these measurements at a later date for the remainder of the Go365 Points.

Items to Consider Before Shipping.

  • We recommend you drop the kit off inside a USPS post office and watch them scan the package into the system.
  • When possible, it is best to NOT ship the devices on a Friday during High Temperature weather. Store these specimens, at room temperature (NOT in a car or car trunk), over the weekend and ship to the lab on Monday.
  • REMEMBER – shipping companies often store shipments in a non-environmentally controlled warehouse during the shipping process. This can expose your specimens to excessive heat during shipping in High Temperature weather. Your test may be rejected if heat exposure damages your specimen. A replacement will be ordered, free of charge, if this occurs.
PEHT Go365 Member – Biometric Screening Home Test Kit

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