Lakeland Care – Go365 Biometric Screening Home Test Kit

Lakeland Care – Go365 Biometric Screening Home Test Kit


Lakeland Care is providing free at home biometric screening kits to employees and spouses on the Humana medical plan.

Ordering a kit as a non-medical plan participant of LCI, grants LCI permission to deduct the cost of the kit(s) and any additional testing costs from your paycheck.

To check out, scroll down to “add to cart” then click “view cart” to enter the requested information at check out.

When ordering for a spouse: You must order separately and do not use your information. You MUST use their name and their own email address when checking out.

IMPORTANT: IN ORDER FOR YOU TO HAVE A FULLY COMPLETED BIOMETRIC SCREENING WITH GO365, you must report your most recent blood pressure, height, weight, and waist measurements on the lab consent form. Please do not leave those measurements blank!


The deadline to complete your home test kit is June 30.

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Biometric Screening Home Test Kit

Base Test Includes: Lipid Panel, Glucose Level, and A1C

PSA and/or TSH will be automatically added if you are age/gender eligible.

There are five simple steps to the home biometric screening:

1. Collect the sample via a finger prick (fasting is recommended)

2. Self-report height, weight, waist, and if possible, blood pressure

3. Mail the sample in the pre-stamped envelope that was included in the kit

4. The sample is received and then tested by the lab

5. Results are available online within a week in the lab’s portal

Home Test kits ordered must be completed.

If you choose to cancel your home test kit after receiving and not complete it, you are responsible for the test kit charge at $55.

Lakeland Care – Go365 Biometric Screening Home Test Kit

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