Fond du Lac County- Go365 Biometric Screening Home Test Kit- ORDERS ARE CLOSED

Fond du Lac County- Go365 Biometric Screening Home Test Kit- ORDERS ARE CLOSED


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NOTE: This Home Test Kit is for Fond du Lac County Employees Only

**Please note, your coverage will be checked prior to shipment**


Biometric Screening Home Test Kit

Base Test Includes: Lipid Panel, A1C level, Thyroid Specific Antigen (TSH ages 40) and Prostate Specific Antigen (males over 50). 

Additional tests can be added at your expense.

There are five simple steps to the home biometric screening:

1. Collect the sample via a finger prick (fasting is recommended)

2. Self-report height, weight, waist, and if possible, blood pressure (the consent form has a space for these measurements*)

3. Mail the sample in the pre-stamped envelope that was included in the kit

4. The sample is received and then tested by the lab (our partnered lab is experiencing analysis delays- please note your kit may take 2 weeks or more to be analyzed)

5. Results are reported out to you and our company. We then send the data to Go365 so they can award applicable Go365 Points.


Please note once ordering, processing times can take up to four business days- not including shipment to you.


Home Test kits ordered must be completed to avoid a charge.

Please Note: If you are not able to provide self-reported measurements on the consent form (height, weight, waist, and blood pressure) you will not be eligible for the Go365 Points for completing a biometric screening, however you will receive Go365 Points that are applicable based on your results. If you were out of range last year for blood pressure you may not receive Go365 Points at all.  You can submit these measurements at a later date for the remainder of the Go365 Points, however we recommend providing your most recent blood pressure on the consent form.


Items to Consider:

  • When possible, it is best to NOT ship the devices on a Friday during High Temperature weather. Store these specimens, at room temperature (NOT in a car or car trunk), over the weekend and ship to the lab on Monday.
  • REMEMBER – shipping companies will, often store shipments in a non-environmentally controlled warehouse during the shipping process. This can expose your specimens to excessive heat during shipping in High Temperature weather. Your test may be rejected if heat exposure damages your specimen. A replacement will be ordered, free of charge, if this occurs.
Fond du Lac County- Go365 Biometric Screening Home Test Kit- ORDERS ARE CLOSED

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